Heart Lovey Teething Toy

10.000 KD
Color - Grey Muslin Starry Night


  • Made of 100% ultra-soft combed organic cotton certified by
    The Global Organic Textile Standard  (GOTS).
  • A suitable piece to relieve the teething pain, with the natural wooden teething ring made of safe Beechwood.
  • The ring undergoes European Pellet Quality Requirements (EN1) and the American Society for Testing and Materials testing (ASTM), which is chemical-free, antibacterial, and shock-resistant.
  • Safe fabric on baby’s sensitive skin, and safe for chewing on.
  • Perfect Size measures 33 cm tall, fits your baby’s hands to grab, hold and chew on, to be with your baby all the time.
  • With a simple design cute pattern and neutral gray color comes with a muslin starry night print.
  • With a buttonhole opening at the end, to easily remove the wooden ring before washing.


Having a baby is like starting a new chapter, making you feel you want to start life over. Start your little one's life with all-natural, eco-friendly, and ethical clothing. Baby Isilmi offers organic Baby Sleeping Lovey with gray muslin starry night print from Under the Nile certified collection. A gentle texture on your baby’s sensitive skin, with safe organic fabric to hold and chew on. The natural wooden teething ring from Beechwood undergoes the EN71 European and ASTM testing. Produced at a family-owned company in Austria. Sanded to a smooth surface, free of cracks, making it completely safe for your baby to use.

Pure from the inside out, All materials included are eco-friendly approved by GOTS, and the Gold Egyptian Seal of authentic premium, butter, soft combed cotton. Features a sturdy fabric that withstands frequent use and continuous washing. A stylish, fabulous piece to put on your baby's bed from under the Nile organic collection. It helps soothe teething pain and perfectly fits the cute little hands to grab and chew on. The Heart Lovey Teething Toy comes with simple, neutral colors and patterns, providing more calmness. It is functional and easy to use, wash and dry in the machine. The buttonhole aperture at the end is to facilitate removing the wood ring before washing. Making it an ideal gift to please the little one, provide more comfort and tranquility for both the parents and the baby.

Product Certifications

  • GOTS certified, The Global Standard of Organic Textile, made entirely 100% of organic Egyptian cotton.
  • The product does not contain any Azo colorants, BPA, or flame retardants, and no formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC, or lead.
  • The product from Under the Nile Collection, the first and only children's clothing with the Egyptian Gold Seal of Authenticity, made of premium soft, buttery, combed Egyptian cotton.
  • This product is ethically produced in certified Fair-Trade centers that comply with the highest global textile and labor standards so we can make sure the people involved in the manufacturing and the production process are treated well and paid fairly.
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Avoid putting the wooden teething ring into the washing machine; do not immerse it in the water; only wipe with a damp cloth.
Machine wash in warm water with like color fabric.
Avoid using bleach.
Do not leave toys immersed in water and then put them to dry in the air.
Tumble dry in the tumble dryer on low heat, be sure not to leave the cotton inside wet.
To dry faster, use a bath towel with toys in the dryer.
It is preferred to use phosphate-free, biodegradable detergents that do not include ideal bleaches and chlorine and do not contain petroleum-based surfactants.