Kye - Organic Baby Boy Soft Doll
15.500 KD
Organic Starter Swaddle Original
18.500 KD

Oh oh !

well luckily that organic high quality swadle from embé makes the job easy!

Comfy Organic Romper

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New from Bebenca Organic

Soft Organic Beanie

How cute!

Ok so, we always say our stuff is organic... but does it matter?

The GMO-free cotton we use is grown using organic farming methods without the use of harmful chemicals from the field to the production chain.

which means a more eathicle purchase for you and a soft breathable organic fiber for your baby your baby's delicate skin.

Non Toxic Materials

Look for our GOTS-certified products that are free of toxic and carcinogenic metals and chemicals. Azo-free eco-friendly dyes and nickel-free snaps. Care for your child’s skin for a happy and healthy baby!

What people say about our swaddles

I bought it for my twin grandchildren and my daughter-in-law and son said they love the fit and how easy it is to put on!

My daughter sleeps so well with one arm out and I'm so happy to have found a swaddle that safely (and stylishly!) gives us that option! Very well designed

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